Exercise Chair As Seen on TV: The Doctors

Watch The Doctors try The ChairMaster™ exercise resistance chair and talk about the benefits and use case scenarios.


Video Transcription

Dr. Stork: Who here watches TV on a regular basis?  Ok. We all Do.  

Dr. Ordon: The Doctors.

Dr. Strok: But there are some people who actually are watching TV and they have trouble getting up out of their chair to get a little workout in.  So we actually found a product that might work for folks who maybe they have mobility issues so they are stuck in their chair. So let go over here Dr. Sears.

Dr. Sears: Alright.

Dr. Stork: This is called The ChairMaster™, kind of like StairMaster but its a chair.

So this is designed for people who, like I said, maybe have mobility issues, can’t get up out of the chair during commercial breaks or during their show. This is a way to work out with, I think you could probably work out pretty much every muscle in your body, while you are watching the tube.  

Dr. Sears: Ya this is pretty cool. Or if you are a real couch potato you are going to really watch tv at least you can get some exercise in.

Dr. Stork: Dr. Lisa can you come do your little boa dance?

Dr. Sears: Ya, do your dance. But its cool, its got...

Dr. Masterson: I don’t want you to get over stimulated.

Dr. Sears: these exercise bands so you can work the upper body too. This is cool.

Dr. Stork: Go do the ones in the back. Jimbo.

Dr. Sears: Ok. First I want to recline. Chest presses.

Dr. Ordon: Another great idea if you are rehabbing from an injury for example.

Dr. Stork: Actually you know what? I like that. A little rehab.

Dr. Ordon: You can’t get into physical therapy and you are trying to get something done.  You are watching TV but getting therapy at the same time.  

Dr. Masterson: You are going to want a little refrigerator there and a cooler and the whole thing.

Dr. Sears: Try this I could watch tv for hours now if i had one of these.

Dr. Stork: I can burn calories while I nap. This is great.

Point is, obviously you want to get up out of your chair as much as possible but if you are chair bound this is a great option to keep you moving while you are watching tv.