“ I love my ChairMaster.”

"We looked at a lot of different exercise equipment for the home but we didn’t find anything that answered all our needs like the ChairMaster. The fact that it is a piece of furniture that looks nice in our living room was a big selling point for us. It’s comfortable and I like exercising while I watch my favorite TV shows. I would recommend it to anyone - especially individuals like my parents who are still very active and would like to remain so. It’s great to be able to work out at home and be comfortable without going to the gym."

Pat, Homeowner

Follow up: 

ChairMaster To The Rescue

After 10 days of staying off my foot, yesterday the doctor gave the green light to start to put weight on it.  

His recommendations?  Stationary bike, check!  Weights, check by way of the bands on the Chairmaster! and modified yoga.  

Again, a feature of  the Chairmaster.  

He recommended these particular exercises as now we want to get the blood flowing to the foot as that will help with the healing.   

Just wanted to thank you guys for making and sharing this product.  It is really going to help me with my recovery.



“I’ve been waIting for something like this for a really long time.”

"Thank-you ChairMaster. I’ve needed something like this – and so have my parents – for a very long time. I am so happy it’s here. I can get a full body workout while I watch TV, listen to music, or use my IPAD. It’s comfortable, quiet – so much quieter than a treadmill – and I love the recumbent biking. I have knee issues and using the ChairMaster at home every day lets me workout in the comfort of my home and build up strength in my knees.  

I also want to get a ChairMaster for my parents. My dad was recently in the hospital and is now restricted to a wheelchair. He needs to build up his strength and I know using the ChairMaster, he could get strong enough to get out of that wheelchair. My mom has had 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement and has not been able to get out as much. I know she would also benefit from using the bike and resistance bands every day. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from having a ChairMaster at home."

Carol, Homeowner


“ Prevention is Everything.”

"Working out on the ChairMaster can help prevent injuries from happening. It’s convenient, attractive, the cycling function is great, and the resistance bands are easy to use and effective. The convenience factor is huge – you are going to use the ChairMaster because it’s right here in your TV room … "

Jim, Paramedic and Firefighter


“As I get older, being fit and strong is so important.”

"I love the fact the ChairMaster looks like a piece of furniture. It fits in beautifully in a home. It’s comfortable and I love the reclining feature. I have had other pieces of fitness equipment but I didn’t use them, as they didn’t fit in anywhere. As I get older, being fit and strong is so important. And if you have a ChairMaster in your home, there is no excuse not to exercise. The cycling feature is great and I can use the resistance bands to build up my strength. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody. The ChairMaster is in a class by itself."

Kris, Homeowner


“With the Chairmaster, you can have 5 pieces of equipment in one.”

"The ChairMaser is very comfortable for our residents, it feels like a recliner. Even getting into it from a wheelchair, they find they can put their hand down, pivot, and sit down. The Chairmaster is not scary to them, like other pieces of equipment. For exercising, we start with the basics, like cycling, which is fantastic. Then, we add the resistance bands to work on strength for their core. It’s also a stable platform where they can do standing exercises for strength and balance. The ChairMaster is unique and helps people improve their quality of life from the comfort of a chair."

Candace, Certified Personal Trainer at GenCare


“The ChairMaster is a great piece of equipment for our residents.”

"I am very excited that using the different exercises and accessories with the ChairMaster can help individuals progress from a very deconditioned state, in a safe and effective manner, to do more walking without any assistance. The biking unit helps them get stronger and the standing exercises help them build up their strength, flexibility and balance to prevent falls. I would recommend it to so many people as a way to be stronger way to remain independent with a better quality of life."

Bob, Certified Personal Trainer at GenCare