Success Stories

“ Prevention is Everything.”

"Working out on the ChairMaster can help prevent injuries from happening. It’s convenient, attractive, the cycling function is great, and the resistance bands are easy to use and effective. The convenience factor is huge – you are going to use the ChairMaster because it’s right here in your TV room … "

Jim, Paramedic and Firefighter

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Once you own a ChairMaster, get ready for it to be the most popular seat in the house! The back seat cushion has excellent lumbar support and the reclining feature is especially comfortable for reading or watching television.

Most of all, having a ChairMaster in your home makes it so easy to make staying fit an integral part of your life. 

Cycle for 15 minutes while you watch your favorite TV show, add some strength training with the resistance bands while watching sports, and do some yoga stretches at night to relax, improve your balance, and maintain your flexibility. You’ll add life to your years – and years to your life – with the ChairMaster. 

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