Why Get the ChairMaster?

ChairMaster - A New Fitness Solution for RETIREMENT Communities


Older individuals who struggle with endurance, mobility, and staying fit are often intimidated by most large pieces of exercise equipment and the whole exercise scene. Reluctant to use treadmills, elliptical machines, and even motorized exercise bikes, many residents of active aging communities avoid the high quality workout rooms so many facilities provide. We're here to solve that!



"The ChairMaster is very comfortable for our residents, it feels like a recliner. Even getting into it from a wheelchair, they find they can put their hand down, pivot, and sit down. The ChairMaster is not scary to them, like other pieces of equipment. For exercising, we start with the basics, like cycling, which is fantastic. Then, we add the resistance bands to work on strength for their core. It’s also a stable platform where they can do standing exercises for strength and balance. The ChairMaster is unique and helps people improve their quality of life from the comfort of a chair."

Candace Peters
Certified Personal Trainer



"The ChairMaster has provided a new fitness option at our Community.  We have it in our TV lounge and have been able to engage people who would otherwise not come to fitness classes.  It fits in well with the homelike setting we strive for in our Astoria Neighborhoods."

Carrie Erickson B.A.RLS
Manager of Life Enrichment Programs
Origin Active Lifestyle Communities

A Great Recumbent Cycling Workout


Starting with the cycling unit, people can sit comfortably in either an upright or relaxing recumbent position as they prepare to bicycle. Feet slide easily into the adjustable pedal straps. With 5 levels of resistance, the cycling workout is effective for all levels of fitness and allows improvement in aerobic strength over time.

Effective Strength Training Without The Use Of Heavy Weights


To increase muscular fitness, the ChairMaster provides the use of resistance bands that easily attach to specific points on the frame. The resistance bands offer various intensities and come equipped with handles and strap-on cuffs for building upper and lower body strength.

“The ChairMaster is a great piece of equipment for our residents.”


"I am very excited that using the different exercises and accessories with the ChairMaster can help individuals progress from a very deconditioned state, in a safe and effective manner, to do more walking without any assistance. The biking unit helps them get stronger and the standing exercises help them build up their strength, flexibility and balance to prevent falls. I would recommend it to so many people as a way to be stronger and to remain independent with a better quality of life." 

Bob Parks
Certified Personal Trainer

Designed For Standing And Stretching Exercises


Plus - the ChairMaster frame is designed to be a sturdy exercise platform for standing and stretching exercises. Exercises like sit-to-stand squats, one-legged squats, and lunges help individuals increase their mobility, strength and flexibility to help maintain their independence.