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  • Playgrounds Help Prevent Falls With Seniors With Balance and Coordination

    Playgrounds designed for seniors

    Playgrounds are not just for kids anymore.  A growing trend throughout Europe, Asia and the United States are multigenerational playgrounds; spaces which include exercise equipment designed to improve seniors' balance and coordination, with the added benefit of bringing families together in the outdoors.

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  • Why Exercise Keeps Your Skin Young

    Exercise keeps skin healthy

    New studies have recently found that moderate exercise, at any age, can help keep your skin looking younger. It’s even been suggested that it can reverse the effects of aging. So who doesn’t need a reason to grab that ChairMaster exercise chair and start working off the years.

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  • Exercise and Aging - The Physiology of Aging

    ChairMaster Exercise and Aging

    This month, for our Exercise and Aging column, we’re looking at the physiology of aging, especially related to loss of muscle mass. It’s something we inevitable will experience, but by making some lifestyle changes we can lessen the effects. Read on to learn more about how muscle mass impacts the aging and what you can do.

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  • Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

    Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

    Cardiovascular and strength training exercise not only keeps us looking good, but can also have a significant impact on the quality and longevity of live. As we age our body and bone mass begins to break down, but we can help to reduce some of the associated risks by maintaining a consistent exercise program.  It’s never too late to start.

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  • ChairMasterâ„¢ on New Day NW

    We just had a wonderful feature on New Day Northwest, a local Seattle day time talk show.  Watch the segment below.

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  • Fitness Spotlight - ChairMaster Arthritis Workout

    ChairMaster Arthritis Workout

    ChairMaster has developed several different types of exercise programs to help improve individual health and well-being using the ChairMaster.  One popular workout is designed to help releive the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis with low impact exercises to strengthen muslces, improve range of motion and joint flexiblity. 

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  • Every Bit Of Exercise Counts

    ChairMaster Exercises

    Great news! Research recently showed that when it comes to exercising 30 minutes a day, you don't have to do that 30 minutes all at once to get key health benefits.  In fact, exercising for just a few minutes thoughout the day  ...   

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  • Fun with Evening Magazine

    ChairMaster Evening Magazine

    Save the date! The ChairMaster will make its TV debut on Evening Magazine in Seattle on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7pm on channel 5. Here Evening Magazine reporter Michael King shares a laugh with the wonderful residents of GenCare Lynnwood at Scriber Gardens after they showed him why working out on the ChairMaster while watching the game on TV was so much better than eating these unhealthy snacks (well maybe just a few ...) 

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  • 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FIT IN 2013

    ChairMaster 50 Ways To Be More Fit

    A great New Year’s Resolution to improve your health is to simply sit less! Studies show that just adding 15 minutes of exercise per day could extend your life by 3 years. * To help you with this goal, we’ve put together 50 ways to be more fit, which you can download and print at –

     Another tip to add these short periods of exercise into your daily life is to set 

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  • Welcome to Our New Blog

    Welcome! The team at ChairMaster would like to introduce you to our new blog – FIT AFTER 50. Our goal is to give you interesting, helpful, and fun information about staying fit over 50 – because we know that the more fit we are as we get older, the better our lives will be. Fitness is the fountain of youth! And we hope some of these blog posts will help make it easier for you to stay fit and look and feel great.

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