The ChairMaster Story

“We don’t stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising"

The ChairMaster Exercise Chair StoryWe developed the ChairMaster for people like us. People in their 50’s - with friends and parents in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – who know staying fit is the secret to aging well.  But as we get older, it becomes harder to do some of the aerobic or strength training activities we once took for granted. Joint pain, knee and back injuries, arthritis, and shoulder problems  - the list becomes longer every year of physical conditions that conspire to make us more sedentary.

Another part of getting older is the fact that many of us are also living in smaller spaces. This makes it even more difficult to find room for a big piece of exercise equipment to use at home. While going to a fitness facility is a good alternative, it rarely achieves the goal of getting in some physical activity every day.

The truth is we are still not getting enough exercise to support our lifelong objective of remaining healthy and independent. In fact, new statistics point to the jaw-dropping fact that instead, we spend 60-70% of our time sitting.

These facts convinced us to create the ChairMaster. We wanted our friends and family to have an attractive exercise product that fit in their homes - letting them workout more often, with a wide variety of exercises to help them increase their strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. We also wanted to give people a way to take some of the time they spend sitting and doing a favorite past time like watching television - and turn it into a new way to improve their level of fitness.

We hope the ChairMaster answers your needs and will help you achieve a more active, healthier life. And we look forward to continuing to develop new products that encourage personal wellness and physical activity.

John Post President, ChairMasterJohn Post
President, Cascade Health and Fitness